Columbia Crime Tracker

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From ... to ..., ..., there were ... violations reported to Columbia police. There were ... categorized as homicide, robbery or aggravated assault, ... burglaries, thefts or auto thefts, ... other assaults, ... other offenses and ... were not categorized.

This page allows you to browse these violations and have an in-depth look at what happened, where it happened and when.You can use the overview chart, the map and the table below to get more information on the Columbia crime scene. Scroll to the bottom of this page to get more information about the app, the database we use and how we use it. The information updates daily.


CoMo Crime Tracker is a web application built by the Columbia Missourian.

Every day, the Missourian newsroom receives via email from the Columbia Police Department a list of reports police have taken over the previous 28 days. (The data we get does not contain any reports involving rape and/or sex offenses or juveniles.)

We take the data, clean it, process it and save it in a new, web-friendly format. After that, through complicated analysis and some computer magic, the content for this page is generated. Currently you can work with data from July 11, 2014 to ..., ..., because we have data going back only as far as July 11, 2014.

This page and the mobile application are based on the database, provided and managed by Columbia Police. The unedited comments of police are as they appear in the database. Categorization and description of crimes come from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program categorization.

The pinpoints on this map indicate street blocks, not exact street addresses. Columbia Police do not provide specific street addresses for crimes; rather, they provide locations by street block.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:
The Columbia Police Department Public Relations Unit:
Email: PolicePIO@gocolumbiamo.com
Phone: (573) 441-5470
or the Columbia Missouian.

* Please bear in mind that cluster boundaries that appear on the map on hover are intended to provide a very general overview of where the clustered pins are. These boundaries are created by the software and change every time new pints are added or if zoom level changes. Treat those as hints, not as real boundaries.